About us

esalesbuy is a leading purveyor of exquisite massage chairs. We have designed and sold massage chairs for X years, and provide some of the best selection and after-sales service in the industry. esalesbuy strives to embody ingenuity combined with diligent workmanship. We have had achieved top-tier results from product development to distribution with our previous products.

After making strenuous efforts to broaden the array of traditional massage chairs, our new chairs are on the market. We are introducing two conceptual frameworks in them: digitality and pragmatism. This transition marks a monumental step forward in terms of functionality and durability. As with producing and selling all our massage chairs, we have adhered to our business philosophy’s core underlying principles: satisfaction and efficiency, assurance and reliability, and ethics. Read more about them below.


Satisfaction and Efficiency

We aim to produce and sell massage chairs that exceed your expectations and supersede any problems hidden behind their popularity. Popular products sometimes merely linger on their nominal names. They lack quality. Instead, our goal in production as we began was to become a trailblazer and create niche markets, which in essence is about meeting customers’ selective needs. The resulting massage chairs provide a transformative performance with an unprecedented level of quality. Its symphonic waves will touch the deeper muscle tissues while simultaneously releasing and relaxing your muscles, and revealing your inner calmness as your body adjusts to its quintessential serenity.

Our products are distinctively designed to meet your selective taste for higher quality. We extensively studied correlations associated with performance and services, and their impact on one another. We found a causal link that contributed to the outcome—customer satisfaction. We believe that our customers’ satisfaction is measured not only by the quality of product performance but also by the quality of relationships. With that said, we appreciate customers who make once-in-a-lifetime purchases as much as repeat customers because your choice of quality arises out of the ease of shopping with esalesbuy and the trust that you have placed in us. We consider customers’ satisfaction as tantamount to your trust. Therefore, we exert our best to create outstanding products that possess a great level of efficiency and are feasible for long-term use. You, our customers, are our vision and guiding principles for our future. We seek your valuable input for improvement.

Assurance and Reliability 

In an effort to encompass the embedded attributes of massage chairs and to focus on the core elements that are too often overlooked, we concentrate on implementing assurance and reliability. From manufacturing goods that meet the highest standards of ethics, to providing individualized support for your needs, we want to assure you that you can rely on us. Our massage products are US FDA-registered devices. We provide flexible, highly customized services because each customer’s needs and expectations vary on a continuum. It is in our best interest—and yours—to maximize the value of your investment.


We establish esalesbuy’s business practices on the fundamental value of ethics. Our products position reflects the reduced substantial burdens on customers. Our ethics solemnly check and balance our moral duty toward customers. One of our major moral duties is to prohibit price exploitation to sway customers. We provide tangible information on our products, enabling customers to marshal resources to analyze our products before making a valuable purchase. We do not uphold practices that infringe on customers’ choices, nor do we manipulate the public’s perception to create profits. Our ethics are a binding requisite that validate our business alignment in all aspects, and they are the ground on which we endorse corporate social responsibility. 

WHY esalesbuy?

We are the manufacturer. Our factory in Shanghai has been manufacturing massage products and private label products for over 20 years.

Customer Service
We care about your health and well being. Call one of our experts to help you find the right massage chair to make your life better.

Since we manufacture our own products, we are capable of bringing newer technology and innovations quicker to the market than anyone else.

Free Shipping
All massage chairs are shipped free utilizing curbside shipping. Your massage chair will come via freight delivered to your door.

We have many quality control checks from engineering, to assembly, and then testing the final assembled product before it gets to you.

Lifetime Support
We have been manufacturing for over 20 years. Our support team is here to help you with any questions you may have after purchase.

Designed in Denmark
Our offices in Denmark house our industrial design experts to bring designs

3 Years Warranties
All of our massage chairs have 3 years warranties available to ensure further peace of mind so you can use our massage chairs without worry.