Platinum series PS-5000 SL-TRACK Zero-Gravity Full-Body 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair

Platinum series PS-5000 SL-TRACK Zero-Gravity Full-Body 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Newer Favor Series have the standard SL-track.


Zero Gravity is a de facto standard in most modern massage chairs on the market.

All of the Favor Series by Real Relax has the zero gravity feature, even their cheapest chair.

Zero-G helps relieve pressure on your spine by inverting your body.

Every chair also has space saving technology which means that in zero-g position, the chair takes up minimal amount of space.

The Early Favor Series has one zero gravity position while the Newer Favor Series has three.

Air Massage

Nowadays, almost all massage chair recliners have airbags that give compression massage. The real question is: does it do an adequate job?

Some of Real Relax’s chair have over 50 airbags. That’s a lot of airbags.

Surprisingly, Real Relax has a powerful and adjustable airbag system on their massage chairs. My lower back and arms felt pretty squeezed at every inflation of the air bags.

Depending on the model, you may have to apply a bit of force in order for your arms not to slip out of the arm rest.

Foot Massage

The foot massage is strong. You might want to try it on the lowest setting and even dampen it with a towel.

There are rollers on the bottom to massage the soles of your feet. It’s not super snug so it’s not as effective as applying your entire weight on it.

The leg rest also is extendable and its spring loaded. It’ll accommodate up to 6’3” tall.


The remote is intuitive and simple. It has less than 15 buttons and some of the models come with a nice graphic of the chair to show where it’s giving the massages.


Real Relax has good standard warranty for all their massage chairs.

It covers:

  • Missing materials at the time of delivery
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Product mismatch with description (I.e if it said remote was included in the description but remote was not delivered)

it DOES NOT cover:

  • Wear and tear of the PU leather
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage to the product as a result of modification
  • Damage as a result of assembling it incorrectly


Real Relax massage is a reputable brand with affordable prices. They certainly lack in some places — like the absence of a roller track — but if those don’t matter to you that much, it is simply a great buy.

Their chairs come with top of the line features like zero gravity, spacing saving technologies, and powerful air compression massages.

They have services over thousands of happy customers and is one of the highest rated massage chairs on Amazon.

What are you waiting for? Get your Real Relax on!

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