N500 Massage Chair Installation & User Manual

N500 Massage Chair Installation & User Manual

N500 Massage Recliner Chair


1. Persons with any of the conditions listed below are not suitable to use the chair :
• Osteoporosis patient.
• People with heart disease including embedded pacemaker or other medical electronic device inside the body.
• For pregnant women or people with health issues, please consult doctor before use.
• Patient with a high fever forbid to use this machine.
• Perceptual disabilities patients forbid to use this machine.
• Kids and the drunk people are not allowed to use this machine.
• Don't use the chair when your body is wet.

2. This unit should not be used by children.

3. Do not insert your hands, fingers, feet or head into the spaces following spaces:
• Between the backrest and seat or armrest;
• Between the leg rest and seat or armrest;
• Between the seat and armrest;
• Between the back cover and leg cover;
• Back of the legrest.

4. Do not use the unit against bare skin. While thin clothing may increase e ectiveness, exposing the skin directly to the massager may irritate the skin. Do not use the unit while wearing anything hard on your head like a hair accessory, etc.

5. Do not use excessively strong massage action on the back of the neck.

6. Do not stretch the back muscles for more than approximately 16 minutes at a time. To avoid overstretching the muscles which may result in discomfort, do not use the unit for more than 5 minutes when first using it. You can gradually increase the duration and strength of the massage as you become used to it.

7. Stop using the unit immediately should you experience any discomfort and consult the physician.

8. Do not go to sleep while using the unit. Do not use the unit after drinking alcohol.

9. When the seat back is in a reclined position, do not sit on it or sit with your legs resting on the headrest.

10. Be sure to start on the gentle massage program if using the massager for the first time.

11. If the massager functions abnormally, immediately turn o the power and have the massager checked by an authorized service center.

12. Make sure there are no obstacles behind the chair before reclining it. If the back hits a wall or pillar, the chair may malfunction. Be sure to have ample space behind the chair.

13. Recline the chair slowly in order to avoid contact with an obstacle.

14. After each massage, turn the power switch to the OFF position.

15. Do not use any accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

16. If you find any rips or tears in the fabric of the massage chair contact the service department and stop using the chair immediately.

17. Make sure there are no children, pets or other obstacles behind or underneath the massage chair.

18. DO NOT attempt to stand or sit on the backrest, armrest or footrest in order to prevent accident, injury or damage to the chair.

19. Do not stand, jump on, or place objects on the seat until the air is completely extracted for the air massage.

20. Store the attachment screws out of reach of children. Accidental ingestion may occur.


DANGER - To reduce the risk of electric shock:
Always unplug this unit from the electrical outlet immediately after using.
Always unplug this unit from the electrical outlet immediately before cleaning.

WARNING – To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons:
1. Fully insert the power plug to reduce the risk of short-circuit and fire.

2. The unit should never be left unattended when plugged in. Always unplug the unit when not in use.

3. Never operate the unit if it has a damaged power cord or plug. Return the unit to the authorized service center if it is not working properly.

4. Always use sockets and wiring devices at the correct rated value. Use at the specified power supply 120V, AC.

5. Do not insert or unplug the power plug with wet hands. Doing so may cause electric shock.

6. Do not attempt to open or disassemble any part of the unit. Any repair service should only be performed by an authorized service center.

7. Never use the unit against wet skin to avoid electricity leakage or electric shock.

8. Do not use the unit on top of heating appliances, such as electric carpets, etc. Do not operate the unit under blanket or pillow. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock, or injury to persons。

This product must be grounded.
This product is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.

Improper grounding may lead to electric shock. Check with an authorized service center if you are in doubt as to whether the unit is properly grounded. In case the supplied plug does not match the outlet, do not attempt to modify the plug. Please contact a qualified electrician to have a proper outlet installed.
This unit has a grounding plug. Make sure that the unit is connected to a power to a power outlet with the same configuration as the plug. Do not use an adaptor with this unit.

As the following illustration, push the back rest downwards and tilt chair on to its wheels at 45°angle. Slowly push and maneuver the massage chair to desired location. Lower massage chair slowly and smoothly until it is fully flat on the ground.

With the backrest reclined backward, the footrest goes up. To avoid collision with any surrounding objects, a clearance of at least 11.81” at the front and at least 19.5” at the back should be reserved around the unit.

1. Remove the chair parts out of the three cartons:

2. Place the backrest over the main unit. Securely lock the flat head bolts (A and C) into both sides (B and D) of the main unit.

3. Connect the rod flat head rivet (A) with the U stay fork (B), and secure them with a slit pin (C).  

4. Press down the backrest of the main unit , A and B will be locked when a reminding sound "Ka" is heard

5. Connect the wires on bottom of chair: Connect the jack cable from main unit (A) with the female cable from backrest (B), firmly insert the air plug of main unit into the air pipe of armrest.

6. Firmly insert the air plug of main unit A into the air pipe of armrest B. Insert the side panels along the hook C to the holder D.

7. Move the armrest slowly to adjust the position and make the holes E and F aligned, fasten the armrest with the Allen Driver and screw. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to install other side armrest.

8. Firmly insert the air plug of main unit A into the air pipe of shoulder unit B. Insert the side panels along the hook C to the holder D. Repeat this step tp install other side shoulder unit.

9. Attach the chair pad to the backrest with the zipper and Velcro tapes.

10. Connect the wires in the back of seat with the wires of the pad

11. Connect the wires in the back of seat with the wires of the pad

12. Connect the wires in the back of seat with the wires of the pad



Check if the power cord, remote controller cord or power plug is damaged and check whether there is any hair or dust on the plug.

The power switch is located at the lower right side of the base.
Confirm that the switch is in the l (ON) position

•Hold up the back pad and check for any tear in the backrest cloth as well as in any other parts.Should there be any tear, no matter how small it is, stop using the unit immediately, unplug the power cord and have the unit repaired.
•Check whether the power cord, remote controller cord or any other object is pinched in the main body.

•Power: Press Power button to turn on the chair, then it will automatically start to massage.
In automatic massage modes intensity and strength cannot be adjusted. If you would like to adjust intensity and strength please select a specific area. such as: arm , foot, or shoulders.

•One Automatic Modes:
We have one automatic mode: press “AUTO” to start or stop auto mode.
Auto massage mode will stop automatically after 15/20/25/30 minutes.

Footrest unit will automatically extend to suit taller individuals.

•By selecting a single massage area, auto massage will stop
•You can turn on a single massage area, or multiple areas.
•This allows you to give yourself a complete customizable massage.
•You can also adjust the strength of the air bags and intensity of the rollers.











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